Monday, July 1, 2013

287. New Indy Church Resource At ISL

        Those hard-working women of the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter of the DAR are at it again. I noticed in the "New Books" section of the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library that they gifted the Library with copies of their new seven-volume set of the "Records of the First Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN"
         The seven books, which take up about 10 inches of shelf space, are softbound and contain records from 1823 to 1989. They include marriages, baptisms, memberships, and several other categories of the church's records.
          If you have Indy Presbyterians in your ancestry, you need to hustle down to the ISL and pour over these books...and give many thanks to the Harrison Chapter and State DAR members for their hard work. [Why doesn't the SAR ever do any of this kind of records preservation? A pertinent question?]

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