Thursday, July 4, 2013

289. Genealogists Are Year-Round Patriots

       On this Independence Day 2013, I was thinking about patriotic Americans. I'm always skeptical about "professional patriots." You know who I mean--folks who go around spouting off about how they love America and the flag and the soldiers, etc. etc, and who will bend your ear endlessly about how they are more patriotic than most everyone else.
       I always tend to say,"OK, big mouth, show me exactly what you have done for America." Most of them, I suspect, are all talk and no action. Many have never served in the military, for instance, or, if they have, they spent a couple of years stateside in an office. Many have never helped anyone in need or helped clean up anything or maybe never even voted.
      In reality, talk is cheap, anyone can say anything, true or not. What matters is what you do. What you do is who you are.
      So, I say that genealogists are some of the real patriots. Genealogists research about Americans in history and uncover the stories about all the little folks who made this country great. Genealogists discover lost burial sites and clean up cemeteries. Genealogists find hidden gems about America and make them known. We genealogists restore old houses and historical sites and pressure others to do the same. We publish books about the forgotten citizens that populated America in bygone days.
      To all my fellow genealogists out there, I say, "Thanks for all you do and have done. Keep up the good work. Happy Independence Day."

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