Sunday, July 7, 2013

290. Woodside and IPS School 21

       If you follow the media or scan the newsstands, it would seem that real men are only interested in sports, guns, cars, and women. Will you take away my man-card if I admit that I find most of those things really boring? [We'll skip that women part.]
       To tell the truth, two things that I really like are antique shops and libraries, and antique shops can be way more fun, for the sheer unexpectedness of everything--you don't know what you will find. Plus libraries frown upon folks walking out with lots of their stuff.
      I find a great number of materials packed with genealogical info, like school yearbooks, historical brochures and pamphlets, and photos. One item I found recently here in Irvington is a booklet titled, "A Walk Through Woodside to PS #21," by Shirley Henson-Corbett. Evidently written around 1996, the 110-page softbound booklet is full of stories and information about this now-closed school and its service area.
     If you have relatives who attended School 21, you might want to check out this resource, which is now in the Library of the Genealogical Society of Marion County here in Indy [now within Memorial Park Cemetery].

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