Tuesday, July 30, 2013

299. Tuesday Testiness...and all that!

                Now don't get me wrong, I really like genealogy, otherwise I wouldn't have done it for over 25 years.  But, there are some things that bug me.
                First, why are there hundreds of websites, all with gazillions of records, and all of them with a different format and totally nonstandard search techniques? What that means is, if I have a four-hour window of research time, it takes me at least half of that just trying to figure out how the hell the site works. Compare that to an automobile--wouldn't it be fun if, every time to get into a different car, the pedals are reversed, the steering wheel  is in a different shape and location, the switches are up in the ceiling or on the floor, and so forth. Growl!
                Second, why do societies keep the same newsletter format when they switch from a print version to a digital version? On a computer screen, it really irritates me to have to keep scrolling up and down over two, three, or four columns, when they should make the digital version only one column.  That grates on every nerve I have.
                Third, why do people--and websites (see First above)--add little tiny photos of relatives and documents that, when you blow them up to see them, just fuzz into a jumbled mess? I really hate that!
                Fourth, why do websites with gazillions of records--see First again--almost never have the relatives I'm looking for? And why can't a stupid computer understand that Darrah, Derrow, and Darrough are the same bunch of people? What, are we still using quills and scrolls?
                Fifth, why do government officials and clerks still throw records away in the 21st century? Where have they been in the last 75 years or so, when genealogy is almost a universal American  activity and hundreds of media scandals have covered the ignorance and stupidity of that practice? Haven't they ever taken a history class? (Of course, with the school situation what it is now, maybe not.) It still makes me fume.
                OK, maybe it's time to wrap this up, and--oh, yeah, one last thing--why is Fort Wayne so far from Indianapolis? It's ridiculous to have it way up there in the corner, when all the people are here in the middle of the state. Maybe we could get the Legislature or the Governor (who is that now?) to make a law to move it lower. Shouldn't cost that much; after all, they saved a gazillion by not building a State Archives. But that's another story--don't get me started on that.....

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