Thursday, August 1, 2013

300. "Populating Hoosierland" Program August 7

[Wow, 300 posts already. I didn't realize there were that many items to cover around Indy!]

     I will be presenting a program on “Populating Hoosierland” at the Hamilton County Genealogy Society meeting at the Carmel-Clay Township Building, 107th St. and College Avenue, on Wednesday, August 7, 
at 7 pm.
      Learn how and when our ancestors arrived in the state of Indiana and see what footprints they left behind. 
We will start in the pre-history era and move right on up into the 21st century (which will be a wild ride in 60 minutes or less!) 
     The program is free and open to the public. C'mon over, down, or up, and join a nice bunch of folks.

indiana topo map

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