Monday, August 5, 2013

302. Interested In Revolutionary War Lineage Membership?

     If you have a Revolutionary War ancestor and you have been considering applying to the Sons of the American Revolution, a good opportunity to get some personal information about that is coming up next week.
     Most lineage societies will provide lots of guidance and help when you apply to them, and might even be able to assist with a brick wall in your research. Use their expertise whenever you can, and remember that the Daughters and Sons work closely together and their requirements are also very close--it doesn't take much extra work to get your whole family into one or the other if you qualify.
     Come and sit in on our Cook Chapter meeting--no obligation and you and your spouse and family can even have dinner!
     [Disclaimer: I am the Registrar for this group.]

Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Clarence A. Cook Chapter Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, 14 August 2013
MCL Castleton at 5520 Castleton Corner Lane
6:00 PM Dinner (your option) followed by 7:00 PM Meeting

Please join us for an update on activities, dinner and fellowship.
 Jeff Hornung, Clarence A. Cook Chapter President

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