Friday, August 9, 2013

305. GSMC Represents Genealogy At State Fair

      Several of us from the Genealogical Society of Marion County were the genealogical representatives at the Fair during yesterday's Hoosier Heritage Day. Terry Prall, Angela Gabbard, Rick McNutt, and I spoke to quite a few folks who stopped at our tent area.
      Most of the exhibits in the "Heritage Row" at the 38th Street entrance were from government agencies, as DNR and the State Archives, or quasi-agencies like the Historical Society. For some reason GSMC was the only genealogical society there. Don't know why; it would seem like an outstanding way for any of the hundreds of relevant groups--genealogical and historical societies, local museums, and so forth--to put their best feet forward.
     This has been going on for several years, and there are lots of Hoosiers in the history business. Looks to me like lots of Hoosiers dropped the ball. Many groups gripe about low attendance, low income, and low recognition, and here they had a great opportunity that was squandered.
      Kudos to GSMC for leading the way--and to the rest, ya gotta get yourselves out there, people!
Hoosier Heritage Day at the Indiana State Fair

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