Thursday, August 29, 2013

315. State Library Now FamilySearch Affiliate Library

[I was glad to see this notice from ISL. Their hours and equipment are much better than the LDS branches. Now if they could only work on the parking situation...]

INDIANAPOLIS (August 28, 2013) – The Indiana State Library is the newest FamilySearch affiliate library. This designation means researchers will have greater and more convenient access to the wealth of genealogical resources available through FamilySearch. The Indiana State Library Foundation applied for this affiliate status on behalf of the State Library.
"Less than 5% of the world's genealogical records are available online, and most family history researchers cannot afford to travel to an archive nationally or worldwide to find the historic records they are seeking," said Paul Nauta, FamilySearch public affairs manager. "If FamilySearch has filmed the records they need, then as far as they will need to travel to view them is the Indiana State Library."
FamilySearch is the world's largest repository of free genealogical records and manages the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has amassed billions of birth, marriage, death, census, land, and court records of genealogical significance from over 130 countries. FamilySearch is extending access to its collections by circulating microfilms of the historic records through select public library affiliates. It is a tremendous resource for Hoosiers interested in discovering their family tree.
“Our goal is to provide Hoosiers with a considerable collection of Genealogy resources at the State Library,” said Roberta L. Brooker, State Librarian of Indiana. “We regularly seek new resources and services that enhance what is already one of the largest genealogy collections in the Midwest.”
There is a nominal fee to order a microfilm. Patrons may view the film upon arrival via one of several microfilm readers at the Indiana State Library. State Library staff can help patrons see what films are available, place film orders, and answer research questions. Patrons can also search the Family History Library Catalog online at to see what records FamilySearch has available to order through the library.
Visit for more information about accessing FamilySearch resources at the Indiana State Library.

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