Tuesday, October 29, 2013

342. Have You Checked The Butler Library?

[Press Release from the Butler Library. University libraries are an excellent source for little known genealogy resources.]
                 Greetings—I’d like to share a link to our online exhibit about the history of Irwin Library with you and invite you to see the hard-copy exhibit if you’re on the Butler campus through the end of this year.  We looked at various options to create the online exhibit, and ended up going with the free version of OMEKA to see how it worked.  You can see for yourselves that it worked very nicely, and we’re considering buying it since this test run was so successful. 
                We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the building opening on Monday, (September 9) with a campus and community party that included a cake in the shape of the library and a 1963 fashion show that included about 20 people.  Other library staff and those involved also came in period drag so when people walked in the library it looked like 1963.  A senior theater and costuming major did the fashion show and seven hanging costumes in our hard-copy exhibit as her senior project and it added a lot to the festivities. 
                The library was designed by Minoru Yamasaki; his most famous project was the World Trade Center.  Irwin Library was his only commission in Indiana and is an architecturally significant building.  Please have a look at our online exhibit and see our university archives and OMEKA in action! http://irwinlibrary50.omeka.net/
 Sally Childs-Helton, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives Librarian
Irwin Library, Butler University, 4553 Clarendon Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46208
317-940-9265 / schildsh@butler.edu