Monday, November 11, 2013

347. Probing Party A Great Success

    I did not know what to expect when we put out the word for volunteers to probe the Parker Cemetery in Eagle Creek Park. I should have known that the local genealogy and history communities would come through.
   Ten volunteers arrived promptly at 9:30 last Saturday morning at the Park--many with their own probes! We trekked through the woods to the Parker site and made short work of our under-surface exploring.
    I had previously measured and marked the suspected cemetery area with square yard sections, and our probing party systematically surveyed about 30 sections. We found 11 sections with possible remnants. Our next task is to arrange a digging party to see what
we actually found. Stay tuned for that!
   We are indebted to Eagle Creek Park staffers Brittany Swinford and Anne Cecere for their assistance. Brittany arranged all the permits and permissions required and oversaw the Parks details, and Anne led a History Hike to the site and did a great research job on details of the families who lived here and owned the property in past years.
   This is an on-going project and a complete report will be assembled as we go along. The Genealogical Society of Marion County is sponsoring and coordinating the effort. Stay with us as we reestablish this pioneer cemetery.
We started with a neglected site...

...and finished with numerous flagged possibilities!

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