Monday, November 25, 2013

352. IU Gets Into The Genealogy Blitz

[I received the following Press Release the other day. Don't have any other details. Maybe we have us a home-grown Indiana genealogy program. Let us hope!]
                                WTIU WANTS YOU TO BE ON TV!

       Have you discovered something AMAZING about your family through genealogy research?
      Have you tracked down a particularly interesting or LONG LOST family member?
WTIU Public Television is in the planning stages for a new production “Hoosier Generations.”
     This program will demonstrate how genealogical research can reveal remarkable things about a person’s past. Could that person YOU? Tell us about your story of discovery and you may be featured in our upcoming special program. We’ll highlight journeys of discovery, and teach others how to begin their own expeditions.

1.) Please include your name, age-range (30s, 40, 50s, etc), and current city.
2.) In a few words, tell us about yourself and your genealogy story.
3.) Please include your telephone number and the best time to reach you.
Please submit your information via email to: or
You may also reach us by phone at 800-662-3311.
We look forward to hearing your story!

Justin Crossley Joan M. Padawan
WTIU Editor/Videographer WTIU Producer of On-Air Fundraising
WTIU Public Television from Indiana University
1229 E 7th Street, Bloomington, Indiana, 47405

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