Monday, December 9, 2013

357. Genealogy Societies Are Fun Groups

     Genealogy can be a lonesome business. You research many people that no one cares about, or even knows about, but you. You sit in front of a computer or microfilm reader or study books you picked off a shelf. Like I said, an often lonely pursuit.
     That's where genealogy societies come in. In the first place, you find out that you are not the only crazy person in the world--or at least in your own little world. For another thing, you can ask questions and bounce strange ideas off other folks just like you!
      So I encourage you to join at least one local genealogy group; I believe you'll be glad you did. An example is the Hamilton County Genealogy Society, formerly known as the North Indianapolis Genealogy Group.
      The HCGS meets monthly at the Carmel-Clay Township Building at E. 107th and College Avenue, at least the third location that I remember. I've been attending their meetings for at least 20 years or more, and we have good meetings with uniformly good speakers.
      Pick a group like that in your home area, even if you don't research folks from that area. Just the friendships and camaraderie will be worth it. And most of them have fun holiday meetings around this time of year, like the HCGS December Pitch-In below.
You'll be glad you did--and you'll be supporting local genealogy and supporting your friends.

Good food and good friendships!

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