Sunday, December 15, 2013

359. Internet Genealogy Magazine

                I subscribe to very few magazines anymore and almost nothing of a general nature. I’m a military airplane fan, so “Aviation History” is a must, and “Smithsonian” is about as general as I go.
            One of my real favorites is “Internet Genealogy.” You can spend a lot of valuable time roaming around the Internet, trying to find some good new sources, and I find that this magazine saves me bunches of time by sorting good research topics into usable forms.
            The current Dec/Jan issue has excellent articles on World War One research, on what’s new in scanning technology, and on family history writing. There’s also reviews on using HistoryPin and Scrapple. [Don’t know about those sites? See, that’s how I find out about some new stuff!]
            You can find “Internet Genealogy” in some major libraries, you can get it a some bookstores, and you can always subscribe. I just find it’s a good read every couple of months, and, no, I'm not a sales rep or anything.

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