Thursday, January 23, 2014

374. A Few Tidbits for Shut-Ins

A. I suppose that I should send out my annual warning concerning the Indiana State Library. When the Legislature is in session (like now--woe is us!), metered parking anywhere close to ISL is in short supply. Normally it's just an irritation, but on days like today it's more than that. I had to walk a half block or so, and the temp was 1 degree and the street and sidewalk was slush covered. [I'm so glad the state employees and the lobbyists were not inconvenienced.]

B. I heard through the grapevine that Josh Taylor has been rescheduled for April 13th. We should get a confirmation from IMCPL soon.

C. I plan to take in the Sanborn Map program at the Central Library on Sunday at 2. Good sheltered underground parking available--State Library take notice!

D. The Indiana Genealogical Society Board of Directors will hold their quarterly meeting at the Plainfield Public Library on Saturday from 10 to 3. The public is invited as well as all IGS members. Got a gripe or a strong position on Indiana genealogy? C'mon down and let the Board hear about it.

E. And, putting things in perspective, wouldn't you like to be one of your ancestors riding in a wagon from the family farm down to the nearest little town to replenish the larder?
My car was enclosed this morning and had a nice functional heater--I'm not sure that old Studebaker wagon our folks rode in had the same amenities. Man, they were tough!

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