Friday, February 28, 2014

388. Take A Look At JStor...Carefully!

     I subscribe to Dick Eastman's newsletter and follow it daily, and a few days ago he had a note about the JStor website. It sounded good to me, so I checked it out and was favorably impressed.
     JStor is mostly an academic site, but, since genealogists steal data wherever they can find it, you can find lots of good stuff there. I entered my own surname and came up with a few good hits, including this one--

"Record of Servants and Apprentices Bound and Assigned before Hon. John Gibson, Mayor of Philadelphia, December 5th, 1772-May 21, 1773." Since I am researching my Scotch-Irish lineage in eastern Pennsylvania, that was a good item.
     I entered "Indianapolis History" for a search and it returned over 700 hits. You do need to be careful in your terms, though, or you will get lots of errata, as medicine, statistics, geology, etc. In other words, their search engine seems a little shaky, even the new Beta version. Another warning--many of the articles you find will be very addictive and you can burn up lots of time reading them and getting off track! Don't say I didn't tell ya!
     You can find the site at Give a look-see.