Thursday, March 13, 2014

394. Pressure! Pressure!

   Uh! Oh! The pressure is on now. I just received my copy of "Cornerstone," the periodical of the Indiana State Library Foundation. They ran a photo of yours truly when I presented a World War Two workshop session last October at the ISL GenFair.
   The photo caption labels me as a "Family History Expert." Mixed feelings about that here! Most of the time, as I bumble and stumble around trying to find an elusive ancestor or document, I feel every inch of my amateur status.
   If you start at Delaware, Ohio, and draw a 50-mile wide band down the National Road to eastern Maryland, 99% of my ancestors are in that band, and over 90% of those folks are from the British Isles somewhere! That's the rather small area that I feel competent about--and you will notice that Indiana is not in there. Sorry, no Hoosier ancestry, guys.
   So, if you ask me a genealogy question in the future, try not to go beyond my area of "expertise," and don't be shocked if I ask you a question. After all, everyone is an expert in their own area. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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