Monday, March 17, 2014

395. Do You Have An Irish Connection?

   How many Americans do you think have a DNA link that takes them back to the green land of Ireland? I'm certainly one of them. If you go back from my grandmother Lena Mertie O'Neill, you will wind up within sight of the Cathedral Church of Old Leighlin, County Carlow.
   Her great-grandfather Hugh O'Neill packed up his family in 1805 and headed for this new nation, winding up in Noble County, Ohio. I visited the house where Lena was born about 75 tears later. It still stands near the village of Summerfield.
   My attachment to Ireland is more intellectual than emotional; emotionally I am fully American. But, still, I thank Hugh and his wife Deborah for their decision to cross the pond. I hope they are proud of all their Yankee descendants.
Here is Lena--way before I knew her!

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