Wednesday, March 26, 2014

401. Hancock County Cemeteries In Eastman Newsletter

   Dick Eastman ran the following article on his newsletter page today. I noticed that it's from an Evansville newspaper. Why can't the Indianapolis Star do good local articles like this? The world wonders...

Group Works to Preserve 92 Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries

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Hancock County Cemetery Board President Nancy Leach and a small group of historians, preservationists and genealogists - eight of them on a good day - labor to push back time in the "never-ending job" of trying to maintain and preserve Indiana's pioneer cemeteries.
In her book, "Hancock County, Indiana Tombstone Inscriptions: One Hundred Years 1833-1933," Hancock County genealogist Sue Baker notes that many pioneer travelers on their way west decided to make Hancock County home after burying a family member here rather than continue on and leave their loved ones behind.
Over time, family and church plots were developed in what are now dense tree stands, open fields, creek sides, culverts and round tops and housing developments.
You can read more in an article by Jim Mayfield in the Evansville Courier & Press web site at

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