Monday, March 31, 2014

403. Various Items To Wrap Up March

1.      I just received the latest copy of Archives Current, the newsletter of the Friends of the Archives, and I noted a couple of items: First, I was sad to see that the Wishard Hospital School of Nursing Museum closed in January. I visited there a couple of times a while back and was impressed. They had several displays of period hospital wards and lots of interesting items of medicine from days of yore.
        Evidently, the physical materials--beds, machines, small devices, etc.—were distributed elsewhere (they didn’t say where), but the records, yearbooks, scrapbooks, and photographs were sent to the State Archives. The Archives staff is currently processing them, and they presumably will be available for research at some point.
       Second, the recent winter weather was rough on the Archives. The State Records Center and the Vault were evacuated for a period this February due to snow weight. And that old story, water was dripping into the Records Center. They were concerned that the roof would collapse—and haven’t we been harping on that lo these many years.

2.     Hopefully, by next month, we will be able to do some archaeology at the Parker-Wilson Cemetery in Eagle Creek Park. Old Man Winter slammed the door on us last fall, just after we did the probing and fragment marking. This is a GSMC project, so keep checking the website for the next few weeks, and we shall see. I hope we can find at least one stone!

3.    I’m taking a week off next month to visit with friends in Philadelphia and New York. One of the places on my list to visit is Camp Security in York County, Pennsylvania. The Camp was for POW’s during the Revolutionary War. Both Burgoyne’s and Cornwallis’ surrendered armies spent some time there. One of my Rev War ancestors, Henry Darrah,  was a guard as part of the York County Militia, and I want to see what’s there now. Supposedly they are doing an archaeology dig to scope out the site. That might be fun to watch.

4.     Our maple tree is budding out and a few flowers are poking out of the ground around our house. I have high hopes that April will be good for weather and for genealogy. Good fortune to you as you till your ancestral garden. 

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