Wednesday, May 21, 2014

418. Some Things That Puzzle Me

Just a few random thoughts--

1. I research a lot in West Virginia, having been born and raised there. Every birth, marriage, and death record--images all--are on line for every county from back in the 1850's well up into the 20th century. Now, if WV is so backward, how can they do that and Indiana can't even get one county on line?

2. When is the Smith Library at the Indiana Historical Society going to get into document imaging?

3.  Do you think that the Sons and the Daughters of the American Revolution are ever going to merge? 
I mean, aren't they both doing the same job on the same ancestors? Shouldn't their combined application
just have a box to check like Male or Female? Isn't this the unisex 21st century?

4. When is the IndianaDigitalArchives going to get into document imaging? I repeat--isn't this the 21st century?

5. Don't let me even get started on the new State Archives building! I think the present location is automatically issuing umbrellas to anyone researching inside there. 

6. With millions of genealogists doing family history research, why are so few of them working with local societies to get more records processed?

7. Since nearly every ancestor of every genealogist I know just walked off the boat and  became an American, why is is so hard now to do that? And why is it so expensive and takes so long? Personally, I would keep most of the new arrivals and deport a whole bunch of the native-born idiots.

Think I'll ever figure these things out...

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  1. I too wish for better housing for the Indiana State Archives. One of our under utilized resources for Hoosiers. I was hoping that with the bicentennial approaching that they would be move to secured building.
    We are a minority who voice our concern, but if a disaster happens, then there will be an outcry. Then it will be too late.