Monday, July 14, 2014

433. Historic Indiana Newspapers Site Starting To Roll

  If you are doing Marion County or just Indiana research, you might want to bookmark the site below, so you can refer back to it on a regular basis. Indiana is finally getting with the digital newspaper program, and this site has dozens of Hoosier papers online and readily searchable.
  The URL is


  1. Great news. I wish the archives for the Indianapolis Star were searchable online. I don't live in Indiana anymore, and I suspect there are a large number of articles referencing different family members over the years in the Star.

  2. Patrick, The Indianapolis Star is digital on the Indianapolis Public Library website. If you apply for a library card, you can search that remotely.

    Ron in Indy

  3. It looks like non-residents have to pay a $65 fee, annually. It also looks like there is a big gap in what is available from the Star, only covering 1903-1922 and 1991-current. Do you know if the Star has 1923-1991 available for searching?