Tuesday, July 22, 2014

437. Tribute To All the "Indiana Room" Sites

     One thing that often gets overlooked in the current mania for huge online databases is the constant work of the county libraries in maintaining and developing their Indiana Room's. These are the areas of varying sizes and capacities that many, if not most, of the county librarians and their volunteers maintain for historians and genealogists.
     I have visited many of these and they are uniformly well done and well worth a visit or two. Every genealogy library is unique and tailored to its immediate area. The Indiana Rooms invariably contain some resources that are in no other facility--even counting Fort Wayne and Salt Lake City!
     Nearly all our research is county-based, so be sure you check out these sites when you visit "your" counties. You'll be glad you did--I guarantee it!  [Below is the flyer for the Hancock County version in Greenfield.]

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