Saturday, July 26, 2014

439. New Browsing Collection Area At State Library

     I have not been there yet, but, according to their website, the Indiana State Library has recently renovated a space on the second floor of the library, and created a Browsing Collection. The collection contains some of the newest and most popular items from the closed stacks, for patrons and state employees to browse and check out. It looks like the area over by the Manuscript Collection.
     The Library says, "The space is a great place to relax during the lunch hour or any free time.  Patrons can catch up on James Patterson’s books in our large print collection or read about the history of Indiana breweries, the Colts, and more local topics from items in our Indiana collection.  History buffs can find several new books of interest in our General Collection."
     The Browsing Collection large print fiction is organized in alphabetical order by the author’s last name, the rest of the collection is arranged by the call number, subject-based sections.
     I don't know if this includes any materials of interest to genealogists, but it is a improved use of some of that empty space they have had for a long time. Why don't we all check it out to see if it's a thumbs-up?

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