Sunday, August 3, 2014

443. Movement on State Archives?

    I heard from several folks yesterday afternoon that the President of the Friends of the Indiana State Archives stood up at the Saturday banquet of Midwestern Roots and announced that there is a plan or movement or some such idea to relocate the State Archives to the War Memorial Mall.
    The "plan" as I heard it was to remodel the building recently vacated by the Indiana Department of the American Legion (the red tagged rectangle below) and move the Archives there. The building would be expanded to match the American Legion National Headquarters to the east.
     I had not heard of this idea before, but it makes a lot of sense. An existing building could feasibly be remodeled by the Bicentennial date, and the new construction could be well underway. [Frankly, I like that idea way better than the proposed site along the canal!]
     The new location is close to the Central Library with a covered parking garage, and also close to lots of street parking--and thankfully far away from the Statehouse congestion.
      Sounds like a winning concept to me. Now if they can just arm-wrestle the money out of the penny pinching General Assembly. If anyone asks you to lend your support to this idea, I encourage you to jump on board. Let's hope the announcement wasn't just a lot of smoke...


  1. I guess it's official--there was an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal about it today.

  2. Let us pray that this happens!