Wednesday, August 13, 2014

447. Visiting Kosciusko County For Civil War Program

    I'm going to be spending Saturday w-a-y up north in Kosciusko County presenting a program on doing Civil War genealogy. This will be at 1:00 pm at the Historical Society, 121 N. Indiana St., in Warsaw. The program is free, so come on in.
    Some Indiana locations I visit a lot, Fort Wayne, for instance. Duh! But others not so much. I probably was in Warsaw once about ten years ago, so I am looking forward to this revisit. My spouse and I often use these engagements as a good excuse to have a day trip--visit local sites, eat lunch at a non-chain restaurant (not as easy as you might think), maybe browse a couple of antique stores looking for some Indiana history materials.
    I understand we are going to be in the old County Jail (below). I guess if I mess up the talk, I'm in real trouble!

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