Tuesday, August 19, 2014

450. Kosciusko County Is Model Genealogy Library

    If you want to see what a local county genealogy library should be, and frequently is not, you should pay a visit to the Kosciusko County Historical Society Museum in the old County Jail in Warsaw.
    I had an opportunity to browse the library last Saturday, when KCHS invited me to present a Civil War genealogy program. I can only say Wow! The collection, obviously the work of a committed and talented group of volunteers, really tells the story of Kosciusko County ancestors. Makes me regret not having relatives in that part of the country.
    If you're in the area sometime, drop in and say hello. The jail museum tour is worth the trip all by itself. If you have KC family materials, you should make sure these folks have a copy for their collection. [And thanks to Sharon Susec and her crew for the invitation.]

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