Monday, August 25, 2014

453. Finding Genealogy In The ISL Indiana Division

    I research a lot at the Indiana State Library, but it still frustrates me that so many of the useful genealogy resources are nowhere near the Genealogy Division and are so hidden on the closed shelves.
    High school yearbooks are a case in point. I only found out recently that ISL even has a collection of yearbooks. They are not on open shelves, not in the Genealogy Division, and not very obvious on the Library website. Sometimes I feel that you have to do your best research just finding what the building holds for genealogy.
    Anyway, here's another resource you might use for Indiana research. [Note: The Indianapolis Public Library has hundreds of yearbooks and they are digitizing them very quickly and placing them online--the State Library has not discovered scanners yet, I guess. The Genealogical Society of Marion County has hundreds of yearbooks on open shelves, and the Indiana Genealogical Society has hundreds of yearbooks scanned and on their website.]

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