Wednesday, October 15, 2014

474. Show Off Your Genealogy Research

   If all your genealogy research materials are sitting in your den in file cabinets or ring binders, you are missing the boat...and are insulting all your immigrants who didn't miss theirs!
   You need to keep your ancestors alive in your memory and alive in your home. You should show them off to your visiting family and friends. So many houses are decorated with generic junk and items that could be in anyone's living space.
   How much better it would be to decorate your space with items of ancestral meaning. Artifacts that you can point to with pride and say, "Yeah, that's my people."
   For instance, we created a WW2 exhibit in our sun room recently that attracts a lot of attention and gives us a chance to talk about some relatives. Along with some military items, we have framed photos of four of our relatives that served in that conflict. I like it every time I pass by. You might try something similar. Go for it! [Incidentally, the top frame has an original family V-Mail. Do your kids know about that?]

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