Thursday, October 23, 2014

477. Don't Let Living History Get Away!

   I attended a great event on Tuesday. The Indianapolis WW2 Roundtable, of which I am a member, sponsored "An Evening With Richard E. Cole." Colonel Cole was Jimmy Doolittle's copilot on the 1942 Raid on Japan. At age 99, he is one of the four surviving members of that group. We listened as he talked about details of the operation. For military history buffs it was a memorable occasion.
   It occurred to me as I was in the audience that genealogists let way too many of those living history folks escape without telling their stories. Not many of us have a Colonel Cole in our families, but all of us have, or did have, contemporaries of his.
   Did you interview and question your grandparents and granduncles and grandaunts? Hopefully yes but probably not. I regret to this day not sitting down with my grandmother and digging into her memories. She lived to be 94, so I had plenty of time. Don't be like me--do it now!

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