Sunday, November 9, 2014

483. Make Your Ethnic Heritage Come Alive!

    Genealogists routinely say things like, "My ancestors were Irish," or "Our family was German." It's hard, though, to make these ideas real, especially to a 21st century average American.
    Next week you have an opportunity to get into that reality a little bit deeper and to perhaps take your kids or grandkids along for the ride. You can do this by visiting the International Festival.
    This Festival is one of my favorite Indy annual events and I have been there dozens of times. If you have not, now is the time!
    Show your family where they came from, especially if they are a mixture, as most Yanks are. There are about 50 different ethnic booths with maps and materials, food, costumes, languages, and all the stuff that goes into a culture. The kids usually love it.
    Find out details and get tickets at It's great fun--and don't forget the Naturalization Ceremony--that is really impressive.

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