Friday, November 21, 2014

487. IGS Grants Program Deadline Is December 31. Hurry!

[The end-of-the-year deadline season is fast approaching. Here is another program that needs to be done quickly if your group has a project that needs some extra cash.]

            The Indiana Genealogical Society has a Genealogy Grant Program to support the efforts of local genealogical and historical groups. To date, the program has awarded over $15,000 in grants.
            Grants are $500 each and may be awarded in three categories:
Cemetery Restoration Grant--Given for a project to restore and/or renovate an Indiana pioneer cemetery.
Resource Development Grant--Given for a project to develop a new Indiana genealogical resource in either a printed or electronic format.
Chapter Resource Grant--Given to an Indiana Genealogical Society Chapter for a project to support the operation of that society.
            Grants are subject to the following restrictions:
All work on the grant project must be completed within twelve months of the grant award.
The grantee society must provide a written summary report to the IGS following the project's completion.
A society may only receive one grant from the program per grant year, although that society may apply for more than one grant type each year.
Applicants must complete all parts of the application form. The submitted application form will be evaluated by the IGS Board of Directors. The Board's decision on the grant awards will be final.
            The grant application deadline is December 31 of each year. Notifications will be sent to all applicants, and the winners will be recognized at the IGS annual conference the following April.
Note: The IGS may elect not to award a grant in a category, if, in the opinion of the IGS Board, a suitable project has not been proposed in that category.

            Go to the IGS website at to print out the application form.
            For more information on the grant program, please contact the Grants Manager:
Mike Lewman, 1867 S. 600 West, Montezuma, IN 47862   Phone (765) 569-5935 home
(765) 562-2341 cell   E-mail

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