Thursday, December 11, 2014

492. Have Any Prairie Homesteaders In the Family?

    Like many of us here in the Northwest Territory area, I had a number of relatives who moved on to homestead in the Nebraska-Kansas-Iowa-Dakota area. Some were successful and some were not. Some moved on and some came back.
    As a 21st century American living a comfortable suburban lifestyle, I have a hard time trying to understand the difficulties those folks had to handle. Is it the same for you?
    Yesterday I saw an interesting movie called "The Homesman," which stars Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank. It impressed me as a very close simulation of the life those prairie people of mine led out on that mid-1800's frontier. Most of my folks came from the hilly and green mountain areas of the East, so the flat, dry plains must have been a rude shock.
    If you want to put yourself in the place of some of your tough frontier relatives, you might give this film a look. (OK, yeah, in a comfortable safe theater seat, but what can you do!)

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