Wednesday, February 4, 2015

510. Recruiting is JOB ONE!

            One of the most difficult things to get across to leaders of genealogy organizations-local, state, and national-is the true nature of their positions.
            If you are a Society President, V-P, Secretary, Treasurer, or any other society position, the first item on your job description must be recruiting. It may not say that in your Bylaws, but that is the most important thing you have to be doing.
            Preside over meetings? Minor job. Keep the financial books? Ho-hum. Assemble the newsletter? Big deal. Recruit members and volunteers? MOST IMPORTANT!
            Societies all over the country are stagnant, failing, or terminating. Why? The leaders forgot JOB ONE.
            If each and every person in a leadership position does not recruit at least two volunteers each and every year, their organization is going to crash and burn. If their group has the same four or six people this year running things that they had last year and many years before, that group is stagnant and in danger of extinction.
            Is it easy to entice new members to take on society positions? Of course not--if it was easy, more people would be doing it. Is it critical? You bet it is! If you are one of “those people” and you are not tending to JOB ONE, you better get to it. The dinosaurs are waiting for your society to join them.

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