Friday, February 6, 2015

512. Try To Find A Price On A Scanner

    Are you one of those people who thinks that he can find anything he wants on the Internet? Well, if you are, try to find a price on a new or used ST Viewscan microfilm scanner to use in genealogy.
    I just spent about a half hour trying to do just that. No, I do not want a salesman to contact me. No, I do not want to visit the company factory. No, I do not want to list all my personal information in a company website. No, I do not want to have any contact with anyone. I just want to see the price range quoted for either a new or used Model 2 or 3. Is that simple or what?
    If I like what I see, then I may want to go further into the process. The operative word is "may". Meaning my choice of spending more of my time and energy.
    Actually, I'm always suspicious of anyone or any company who is afraid of quoting the public a price on their product. Makes me think I may be getting ripped off. Like something I imagine should be priced at $1000-$2000 and it winds up being $10,000 or $12,000.
    Ever find yourself in that spot? Ever like that spot? I do, especially if it's a totally optional discretionary purchase. Especially, when I can totally walk away-cackling like a hoot owl. Take that, creeps! I know--shallow of me and immature--but, hey, if you can't have fun with your hobby, what's the point.

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  1. Ron,

    If it helps, the Batavia Public Library priced one at a little over $11,000 from ST Imaging in August 2013, according to their meeting minutes (

    I found it by typing in "ST Viewscan microfilm scanner price" into Google. If nothing else, you have a ballpark figure.