Sunday, February 22, 2015

519. At Least I Like Irish Music...

                 I often think that, if you collected all the hokiness and schlock in the world and piled it in one place, about 80% of it would be Irish. One of the things that prevent me from getting too wrapped up in my two Irish lineages.
                The other thing is the endless Catholic hoopla, as both of my Irish lines were Methodists from somewhere in the 18th century. Family tradition says they were recruited by John Wesley himself, who first visited my county of Carlow as early as 1765.  I actually identify more with my Welsh Non-Conformists. (See previous post)
                About the only cultural Irish feature that I like is the traditional music and dancing. Not the schlocky Irish-American stuff, but the older folk songs and dances. I heard some good Irish harp music last night at a Storytellers session at the History Center, and I’m looking forward to another Irish music event coming up at the Main Library. (See below…and see you there.)   

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