Saturday, May 2, 2015

552. State Archives Canal Site Is Gone!

   The Indiana Legislature has left the city, but they left us a few goodies behind. They left the State Library in the status quo. Good Show! They left us $25 million for a new Indiana State Archives. Good show!
   Best of all, their parting gift to the Indiana  genealogy community and to Indianapolis canal fans is the following statement in the state budget HB 1001:
Spectacularly Good show!!! 
 I don't know which state legislator inserted this great statement in the final bill, but I'll buy him/her lunch any day this year. That cramped awkward ill-sited patch of ground along the canal is now off the table as an Archives location.
   Where it will go is still an unknown, but hopefully it will be on the War Memorial Mall. Anything to get it away from the Indiana Government Center and the clutter down there.
   The next couple of years might be an interesting period of time; a time where our State Archives climbs out of the national cellar and into a bright, functional facility that does us proud. Keep tuned for further developments in this area.
   [Thanks to Michael Maben for tipping me off to this event.]

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