Sunday, August 23, 2015

593. And Where Will The New Archives Be Exactly?

   There is a large article on the front page of the Indianapolis Star today, continued on page two, and totaling over a half-page of newsprint with photos. Archivist Jim Corridan is quoted extensively.
   What I found puzzling was that nowhere in the article did it say where the new Archives will be located. Don't you think that's a little strange? Don't they know? Is it still in committee? How hard can it be? Our PR-happy state government not making a big announcement?
   The longer the public is kept in the dark the greater the suspicion that something shady and underhanded is going on. Why the big secret? Is somebody ripping off the $24 million? Pardon me for being skeptical of the whole process.
   It has even occurred to me that the Public Records people are trying to find a workaround on the canal site prohibition. Maybe stalling until the next legislative session to lobby for a reversal?
    OK, OK, it looks like I don't trust the government--can't imagine anyone doing that! But still...

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