Friday, September 11, 2015

602. Josh Taylor Session Was Disappointing

   I attended Josh Taylor's program last night at the Historical Society and I was not impressed. For one thing his mike was way too low for the auditorium. Combined with his tendency to talk fast and mumble, this caused me and probably many others to miss a lot.
   One other problem, which I have noticed in other sessions of his that I have attended, is his poor use of Powerpoint slides. He very often puts in photos and scans that are too cluttered and with way too small a type size for the audience to read. He needs to zoom in on details and crop out part of the images.
   The behind-the-scenes excerpts of WDYTYA and Genealogy Roadshow he presented were the best parts of the talk--a little insider info for us civilians.
   Anyway, I guess it was worth 10 bucks, but could have been better. Just my take on it.

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