Sunday, September 20, 2015

606. Crown Hill National Cemetery Expanding

                Many researchers may not realize that contained within Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is a Federal cemetery that is part of the National Cemetery system. Evidently this National Cemetery is going to undergo a major expansion. According to a Veterans Administration legal notice in the Indianapolis Star currently running, the National Cemetery, now less than 1 ½ acres, will add a 14 ¾  acre parcel north of the current site.
                This additional acreage should add 100 years of burials. A number of trees will be removed in 10-year phases and a visitor center will be built.
                Although the VA Impact Statement does not say so, the new space is undoubtedly intended for some remaining WW2 veterans as well as for Korean, Vietnam, and Cold War military.
                Some additional information on the current site:
                Crown Hill National Cemetery is a U.S. National Cemetery located in the city of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. It was established in 1866 on Section 10 at Crown Hill Cemetery, a privately owned cemetery on the city's northwest side. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Cemetery encompasses 1.4 acres (0.57 ha) and serves as a burial site for Union soldiers who fought in the American Civil War.
                Indianapolis did not have a cemetery specifically designated as a burial ground for Union soldiers until the National Cemetery was established at Crown Hill. Soldiers who died at Indianapolis were initially buried at the city’s Greenlawn Cemetery. The remains of the first Union soldier from Greenlawn were interred at the National Cemetery at Crown Hill on October 19, 1866. By November 1866 the bodies of 707 soldiers had been moved from Greenlawn to Crown Hill. The first burial of a Union veteran in the National Cemetery took place on October 7, 1869. The last Union veteran burial in Crown Hill's National Cemetery took place on November 16, 1898. As of December 31, 1998, the National Cemetery had 795 interments.
                The National Cemetery contains individually marked graves and commemorative memorials, including a stone monument that was dedicated on May 30, 1889. Three bronze plaques installed on the National Cemetery’s grounds provide verses from Theodore O'Hara's "Bivouac of the Dead". Another plaque is inscribed with text of the federal Act, approved in 1864, that establishes and protects the National Cemeteries. Crown Hill Cemetery, including the military cemetery, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 28, 1973. A separate listing for the Crown Hill was added to the National Register on April 29, 1999. The last Union veteran burial in Crown Hill's National Cemetery took place on November 16, 1898. The National Cemetery at Crown Hill is managed by the Marion National Cemetery.  [Excerpt from a Wikipedia article.]

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