Friday, November 20, 2015

635. Heritage Support Grants...For Genealogy?

      I've been wondering how a genealogy group might qualify for one of these grants. The flyer lists "local, county, and regional historical societies, museums, and sites," but not any genealogy. If a gen society has a museum/library combination would that make the cut? If a gen society has a cemetery under restoration, would that qualify as a 'site'? Does focusing on Hoosier ancestors through a library and workshops and data development qualify as a 'significant history component'?
     What is more important, a large, active genealogy group like Allen County, for instance, which serves hundreds, maybe even thousands of Hoosiers, or a little historical society with an obscure building serving a few dozen annual visitors? History or Genealogy--seems like two branches of the same tree. Maybe we should all work on a Ph.D (Pile it higher and deeper!)

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