Friday, November 27, 2015

638. Are You Following The DAR Patriot Records Project?

I ran across an interesting article in the September/October issue of the American Spirit magazine, published by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
            The page 32 article, titled “Sharing a Wealth of Data With the World,” by Nancy Mann Jackson, describes the Patriot Records Project, a NSDAR project started in 2014.
            The PRP is a digitization and indexing effort by the Society to locate Revolutionary-War era documents that are stashed in archives and repositories around the country and which are largely forgotten, ignored, or poorly accessible.
            The NSDAR is starting with themselves, as they are in process of making their own Library materials online accessible through the Genealogical Records System, their free database at
            The second phase of the Patriot Records Project is to have DAR members and chapters locate relevant materials all over the U.S., and notify the National office with the What/Where of the items. National will then secure required permissions and then arrange for the digitizing.
            This project seems to me to be a natural fit for the NSDAR, and, with their dedicated host of volunteers, something that will move right along. I’m looking forward to searching for my Revolutionary ancestors in this great new resource. Read the entire article on this project in the American Spirit magazine at the Indiana State Library, your local DAR Chapter, or from a friend who is a member.
            [As an aside comment, I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and it continually distresses me at how little the SAR has done or is doing in the resources area. The SAR website is nearly devoid of digital resources and with little sign of any near-term improvement. It’s fine to dress up in pretty uniforms and award each other medals for this and that, but where is the records preservation piece? Where is the digitization effort? Sad, really sad.] 

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