Wednesday, December 2, 2015

640. Archives At IUPUI?

       I just received the December newsletter from the Indiana Genealogical Society, and one tidbit caught my eye. Mike Maben, in his President's Column, said that the Bicentennial Committee was informed over a month ago that the State was negotiating with Indiana University to build the new Indiana State Archives on the campus of IUPUI at the corner of Indiana Avenue and North Blackford Street. The site may be in the grey parking area just to the east of Blackford shown below. I'm still wondering if that is a good place or not.
       One advantage is that it's not in Government Square. Another is that the driving access is not too bad. A third advantage is several restaurants close by. A disadvantage is the parking situation. IUPUI is, like most universities, chronically short on parking, to the tune of thousands of spaces. Will they block off a special lot for the Archives? Hah!
      Just to the west is about a zillion hospitals with thousands more parking shortages. When they finish tearing down the Wishard buildings, will parking replace all of that? Hah!
       If the Archives has space for workshops and conferences, will the reserved parking be large enough? Hah!
      So the jury is still out on this location. Is it definitely a done deal or just speculation? Haven't seen a public press release with more info. Stay tuned...

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