Tuesday, December 15, 2015

644. Family Histories, Anyone?

   Lots of genealogists that I talk to say things like, "I've been researching for 30 years!" Or 10 years or 20 years, etc. Usually my first question to them is "Have you written a book?" Too many of them say no, and then give me a variety of reasons why not. I always wonder how much of their research will someday end up in the trash.
   With that thought in mind long ago and presented with lots of evidence of house fires and floods and tornados, I resolved that my stuff was not going down that path. So here's the proof. All the CD's that you see (or the printed versions) are in a dozen or so libraries and relatives' houses. I'm kinda proud and happy about that accomplishment--seven family history books in 12 years. What about your stuff? What's in your wallet?

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  1. Good Job, are there libraries that have these on file?