Thursday, December 17, 2015

645.GSMC Elects New Officers

   This past month the Genealogical Society of Marion County conducted an election for filling positions on their new Board Of Directors. GSMC now has seven officer slots, instead of the four in past years.
   At the December 12th monthly meeting of the Society, the ballots were opened and tabulated by the Elections Committee and the results were announced. Six of the positions are now occupied with new people (the President was reelected), and the Society is now set to move into 2016 with a majority of new leadership.
   The new officers are these: President Angela Guntz was reelected; Vice-President Nancy Stroy; Secretary Ron Darrah; Treasurer Ron Elliott; At-Large Directors Doug Scott, Allison Singleton, and Bill McClintic.
   The new GSMC Board will meet on Tuesday evening, January 5th at 6 pm at the GSMC Library, 9370 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, for their initial session. GSMC members are encouraged to attend this meeting and to contribute ideas.
   On a personal note as the new Society Secretary, I look forward to working with the new leaders of the Society. All of the four past officers had been on the Board in one position or another for several years, and I think that it was time for some new people to volunteer. Several of the officer positions featured election competition and I think that's a good thing. Too many genealogical societies have the same people election after election, and the leadership gets stale and resistant to new ideas. I'm glad that the Genealogical Society of Marion County is no longer one of those groups.
   Join us as we charge into this 2016 Indiana Bicentennial Year!

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