Saturday, January 16, 2016

656. Ho Hum! Nothing New On The Archives Yet

   Now it is January 2016, well into Indiana's Bicentennial Year. We have over $20 million sitting in an account somewhere, intended for the construction of our new Indiana State Archives. What news do we, the donors of all those dollars, have on just where that building will be? Well, let's see, that would be no news, nada, zilch.
   It will soon be one whole year since the money was appropriated, and it is now less than eleven months until our Bicentennial Day will be history. Is anything happening? Is anybody involved? Do we have any piece of land in mind? Have we let any contracts? Have we selected an architect and a construction company? Does anybody know anything?
   I know Governor Pence has weightier issues on his mind, like regulating the love lives of all those abnormal Hoosiers and shielding all those religious fanatics, but come on, Mike, old boy, let's light a fire under some other people for a change. Let's abandon the rickety shack our records are now in and put them in a first-class facility. Or does the term "first-class" give you the shakes?

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