Tuesday, March 1, 2016

675. State Archives Looks More Like Shangri-La

   In the 1930's novel Lost Horizon, Shangri-La is a mythical utopia; in the early 2000's of Indiana, the building of the new State Archives is looking like an actual fantasy. Evidently the $24 million that the Legislature reportedly stashed away to build a building was more on the order of a mythical fantasy.
   We are supposed to believe that the Archives hinged on cellphone towers: rent out a few and we get a building, otherwise not so much. Indiana's Billion-Dollar Rainy Day Fund is evidently not part of the equation, and the real-time budget doesn't contain real cash for the job. So, where are we?
   Ya know, sometimes I wish that Mike Pence was still in Congress and a long way from Indiana. It seems that there is a major difference between being Governor and being a leader. I can't help but think that Our Man Mitch could get the job done.
   The new State Archives building was supposedly a Bicentennial Project, which would be well underway by December 11, 2016, which is That Day. Oh well, maybe by the Tri-Centennial. How do we get Daniels reincarnated?

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