Wednesday, March 23, 2016

684. It Is The Best Of Times; It Is The Worst Of Times!

   No, I didn't make that up; I read it somewhere. Here in Indy right now, it fits the genealogy scene.

1. The best thing is that the legislature has left town, so researchers can often find a parking spot close to the State Library. A selection of good food for lunch within a reasonable distance, no, but let's not be greedy.

2. The worst thing is that it's almost April 2016, and we still don't have a solid public statement about the State Archives. Is it going to be at IUPUI or not? Do they have the money or not? Is the moon made of green cheese or not?

3. I heard through the grapevine that the Indianapolis Public Library may be going to digitize some of the Indianapolis Public Schools archival material. That could be a good thing; the bad part is that so many of the IPS history documents have probably wound up in the dumpster already. Things are a little chaotic at IPS, but, hey, what's new about that. [And I say that as an IPS retiree!]

4. Also through the grapevine comes a tidbit that the City-County microfilm archives may be relocating out of the building to another location. That could be a good thing that might make the records more accessible. A cynical person, though, might take that with a grain of salt. Make it easier on the public? Doesn't sound like a City-County strong point. We shall see.

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