Sunday, April 3, 2016

688. State Archives Recommendation From 2002!!!

[Ah, yes; 2002--I remember it well! Actually, I barely remember it, I mean, so long ago, so much has happened--well, except for that little matter of building a new State Archives building. That has not happened. Actually, it seems to be really hard, since 2002 was what, 14 years ago? Not one shovelful of dirt has been moved, not one bucket of concrete has been poured. Maybe they are waiting for the right baby to be born, so he or she can grow up, graduate from Purdue with a degree in architecture, and then design a great new building; then they can wait for another baby or two who knows bricklaying, or carpentry, or electricity, or, well, you get the picture. This process has now passed from frustrating to disgusting. I suppose they really are waiting for that tornado to make it all irrelevant. It looks like Indiana really is 51st in the nation in brains, number one in stupidity.]

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