Wednesday, April 13, 2016

692. State Library Has New Book Scanner

   I had a really good experience Tuesday morning down in the Genealogy Division of the State Library. It's nice to be able to give an attaboy to the Genealogy Division, since I have trashed them a number of times in the past.
   The ISL Foundation bought the Genealogy Division a new book scanner for patron use (yes, that's you and me!). The best part is it's free--you can copy pages and pages of your genealogy research onto a flash drive and take it home with you.
   Another excellent experience: I forgot to take a flash drive with me, so they gave me one--for free, also courtesy of the Foundation! I copied about 30 pages or so, including some practice copies, and it worked like a charm. There is a little learning curve, but nothing major. Plan on 5-10 minutes to get the hang of it.
   This is a major step into the 21st century for ISL and I'm glad to see it. We all need to join the Indiana State Library Foundation and toss a few bucks their way. Good changes seem to be happening since they were organized--let's encourage that sort of thing!
   I, for one, look forward to using this new technology numerous times in the future. You should drop in and check it out!

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