Thursday, July 28, 2016

721. School 21 Alumni Meet This Saturday

[The Genealogical Society of Marion County has been working with the School 21 group as part of its IPS-SIG project, and I will be at the morning session below. ]

2 0 1 6 - Florence Fay School 21 - Alumni Reunion
The School 21 Alumni Memorabilia Museum
Located in the Woodside United Methodist Church on the corner of Southeastern Avenue and Temple Avenue
Saturday, July 30th From 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Spend the day visiting with other alumni, have your picture taken with your classmates, tour the museum to see what is new and enjoy a “bring you own” picnic lunch in the church dining room or bring a lawn chair and set under the trees…or soak up the sun while you eat.

Be sure to join us in the sanctuary at 11:00 to meet, Ron Darrah of the Genealogical Society of Marion County …the gentleman who documented our history and made our grad pictures available to us on the web.  He would very much like to hear more about our history and your memories of “childhood in the hood”…..AND to hear an update on what’s going on with the school building and the revitalization of the The Twin Aire neighborhood from our friends from SEND, Paul Smith and Jeff Sparks.

Class Picture taking will start at 12:30 on the upper level by the museum.  Please make your way to the 2nd floor and sign in a few minutes before time for your decade so you can hear when your year is called. We will hold to the following schedule as close as we possibly can………… 1930/40s: 12:30 1950s: 12:45 1960s: 1:15 1070s: 1:.45 1980s: 2:00 1990s forward: 2:15 
Join us at 5:00 for dinner, drinks and more at The Moose Lodge, 7055 E. 16th St. 
Parking is to the East of the building, as is the entrance….and for those who want to show off their big boy toys….there will be an area roped off at the north end of the parking lot for you. 
Dinner will be served in the dining room behind and to the right of the bar.  After dinner please moved to the blue room directly behind the bar for an evening of dancing to the live music of
Gary Grubbs and the Nemo band, darts, bowling, and to shoot a little pool. 
Dinner is on your own with food and drink ordered from the menu and placed thru our waitress.
Adult beverages can be ordered at the back side of the bar.

FOR THE EVENING EVENT.....Please RSVP to Debbi Colvin Evitts at or 317-496-9176

Woodside United Methodist will host a dinner immediately after church on Sunday and all are invited.
Please remember......the reunion and the museum are funded solely by your donations.
Please give generously.
School 21 Alumni - 3108 S. 600 W., New Palestine, In 46163 - 317-502-2770

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